1. Login to your account.
2. Make your picks.
3. Click Submit Picks button.

You can re-submit your picks as many times as you want until the the deadline.
Note: Week 1 is also when you make your picks for the Futures - Super Bowl prize.

4. The Your Picks for this week have been stored message indicates that your picks have been stored in the database.

5. Click Review Picks link to review your picks, another indication that your picks have been successfully stored in the database.

6. An automated email with your picks is sent to your email account.
    Note the CURRENT DATE and CURRENT TIME stamp included in the email.

7. Picks do not appear on the Summary Page until the DEADLINE has passed.
    Note: The date / timestamp indicates that your picks have been submitted.

8. Once the DEADLINE has passed, all Picks appear on the Summary Page.
    Note the DATE and TIMESTAMP on the Summary Page.
    The pool administrator's picks are made prior to the Odds Posted email going out and cannot be changed.
    Once calculations are performed, winners are bolded.

9. All player picks are automatically displayed on the Summary Page once the DEADLINE has passed.