Overall Prizes

Top 3 players in total wins. (Week 1 thru to Super Bowl)

Prizes = (a) Total Entry Fees - (b) Futures - (c) Survival - (d) Weekly and Don't Pay a Cent Event - (e) MNW - (f) TNW - (g) CFL - (h) Playoffs - (i) Rookie - (j) Admin Fee

1st place 50%
2nd place 35%
3rd place 15%

(a) Total Entry Fees (Less free play from previous year Survival prize winner)
(b) Futures ($150 maximum)
(c) Survival ($360 maximum)
(d) Weekly ($10 per win for Week 2 thru Week 17) and Don't Pay a Cent Event ($150 for Week 1 and Week 18)
(e) MNW ($100)
(f) TNW ($100)
(g) CFL ($100)
(h) Playoffs ($300)
(i) Rookie ($150)
(j) Admin Fee (15% of total entry fees)


Futures Prize

AFC pick                        $50
NFC pick                        $50
Super Bowl Champion   $50

($100 minimum, $150 maximum)

Survivor Prize

Pick one team to win each week. Easy, right?
Get it right and advance to the next week. Get it wrong and you're out.
The winner of the Survivor Pool will be the last entry remaining after all others have been eliminated.

Each week, you will select one NFL team to be your pick for that week (straight pick). Teams can only be selected once.
If the team you pick wins their game that week, you advance to the next week.

Games ending in ties eliminates you from winning this prize. If you forget your pick, this results in being eliminating for this prize.

Prize = $20 for each week of survival + Free entry the following year.

Weekly Prize + Don't Pay a Cent Event

18 Weekly Prizes awarded based on numbers of player's wins for the week.

Weekly Prize = $10 per win (Week 2 thru Week 17)
Don't Pay a Cent Event = $150 (Week 1, Week 18)

MNW Prize

Total Monday Night wins
Prize = $100

TNW Prize

Total Thursday Night wins
Prize = $100

CFL Prize

Lowest total wins (including Playoffs and Super Bowl)
Prize = $100

(must have submitted picks all year - failing to do so disqualifies you from winning this prize.)

Playoffs Prize

Total Playoffs wins
Prize = $300

Rookie Prize

(conditional upon having 3 new players)

Total wins (Week 1 thru to Super Bowl)
Prize = $150